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Zurich Storytellers Meetup


After more than a year restricted to online only, we’ve been CRAVING the chance to host our community of storytellers safely but IN PERSON again. Finally! That time is here. No hybrid. No Zoom. Real people telling real stories in a real space.

The theme for this special night is CRAVING. Inspired by a feeling we all have. That deep inbred human desire of becoming … more. More than we were yesterday, last week or pre-pandemic. But like us, maybe you’re CRAVING the excitement live storytelling brings to a stage - sharing the magic together with a supportive like-minded audience.

Whatever craving you’ve experienced, opt-in (when you RSVP) to share a story about how it twisted things around. How it changed you or upset the balance. Contact us if you need assistance putting it together. We’re glad to help.

Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz (pictured above) is the Zurich Storytellers new home. As its newest community member, we don’t have to rent the space. But to create a cosy environment for all attendees and accompany stories with drinks, we need to cover the costs for their staff to stay on after 19:00. Therefore, please help minimize our cost by purchasing drinks and snacks at the bar (recommended 10 CHF investment per person).

Zurich Storytellers is a FREE event. We have relied on a “pay-what-it’s-worth” ticket model since our first meetup at ImpactHub Viaduct Oct. 2016. Despite the additional expense of the new venue, we have faith it will be worth your making a donation (TWINT/IBAN) to cover costs and keep our meetup going strong.

Theme of the night: CRAVING
18:30 Doors are open
19:00 Intro and warm-up story games
19:30 StorySlam* Part ONE
20:00 StorySlam* Part TWO
20:45 Final announcements and pay-what-you-think-its-worth**
21:00 Goodbyes

*StorySlam (voluntary) stories should be under 5 minutes and true, as recalled by the storyteller. Names of those who wish to tell a story are put in the StorySlam hat and drawn to see who goes first second third… until we run out of time.

**Tickets are FREE but please consider a donation to help keep our meetup running. Huge thanks to those who have previously and continue to support us.
TWINT +41 79 703 80 03
IBAN CH040020620635383140A

See you at Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz in a few weeks!
Your co-hosts - Maria Barikhina, Kyle Bullus and Joel Blom