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Wohnzimmerkonzert mit ZiZA music


“From one point to another one flyin’ high on my own. Realized I can make it, don’t need validation, my inspiration. It’s my life". That's how ZiZa starts her song “Between two continents”, where she tells a story about her struggle to find a new home. It covers the main issue of the 21st century: moving around the globe in search of hope and miracle for self-fulfillment. Home is not a place where you were born, but where you feel like being yourself without being judged, where no one laughs at you or tries to stop you from doing what YOU want.

Born and raised in the heart of Central Asia, at the age of 21 ZiZa moved to Germany to obtain her master’s degree in Computer Science. Growing up in a strict culture where being a singer was not seen as a proper profession for a woman and in a family far away from music, she faced difficulties fighting for her desire to become a musician. Realizing she could never make it because of the societal pressure she hoped to leave her country one day to make her dreams come true. At that time playing piano helped her escape the reality, and misunderstanding of others.

Having given up on her dream after graduating high school ZiZa decided to study Computer Science in her native town. This gave her a chance to continue her education in Germany later on. Moving to a foreign country without any knowledge of language or culture didn't scare her but it encouraged her since she could finally live her life and follow her own path. Here ZiZa was successful in opening the door into the music world. To overcome hard times in a foreign place, she started writing her own songs.

In collaboration with local musicians ZiZa started playing in local neighborhood bars performing both cover songs and her own compositions. Ever since, she's been taking part in song slams and

playing living room concerts all over the country.

In 2018 ZiZa went on tour with a Scottish musician James Mackenzie and his band supporting most of their shows in Germany. She is currently working on her first EP with musicians from Mannheim with a planned release date in autumn of 2019.

ZiZa's deep soulful voice brings a special atmosphere to every song she performs. Whether performing a solo and accompanying herself on the piano or performing with a band, she tells her

honest stories in each song and captivates the heart of everyone who hears her music.






Entrance free. The artist is happy to receive some collecte.