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How to speak about what truly drives you - German Session


We all seek purpose in our professional and private lives and make it more and more of a priority when selecting job assignments. We find it inspiring to meet people who seem to know exactly why they do what they do and often ask them to explain to us what drives them. Once we have found our own purpose, we can use it to inspire teams, lead change and educate.

Effective communication is a crucial success factor, which allows us to make sure people understand us. On top of it, by identifying what we really want to say, we get to know ourselves better. We get to the essence of what really speaks within us. An empowering process and liberating feeling.

In this teaser we want to introduce you to two fundamentals of effective communication: Storytelling and engaging delivery. The goal is to give you powerful tools you can use immediately to communicate with your audience. You will feel that people see a bigger purpose in your stories and enjoy listening to you.


Have you ever sat by a campfire and listened to someone tell a story? Do you remember your parents reading you bedtime stories that transported you into a completely different world? We all have memories which last for a lifetime and when we talk about them, we tell stories. We will look at how stories are constructed and how we can use this technique to become storytellers in our everyday lives. Christopher Lübbers will demo and exercise with us how we can engangingly talk about our “why” and about what really drives us. We will learn how to create a campfire-feeling through effective communication.


Based on the storytelling principle, we will look at powerful techniques to speak in front of people. We will rehearse in a positive environment where everyone can try without being put on the spot. Starting with your partner, we will experiment with 1-2 techniques. In a second step, some volunteers can stand in front of the group and experience how it feels to talk about something truly meaningful to us. The communication techniques will help us to shape our “why” into an impactful, short talk.  

At the end of this session, we will take the time to reflect on how we felt during our communication and how the delivery techniques affect our message. We will seek feedback from other participants to understand how the audience felt. This will allow us to understand how people react to us speaking and how we can use it in the future. We learn more about how we are being perceived.

This session will be held in German.


Christopher Lübbers, TEDx Speaker and Coach