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Free Guided Meditation – Lunch Time Sessions


Drop by and experience a simple and powerful 20-minute guided meditation over your lunch break. The session is open and recommended for everyone, no preparation or any prior experience is needed to join.

Maitri Sambodh Dhyaan, is a profound guided meditation designed by Maitreya Dadashreeji (A Transformation Pioneer and Medical Doctor), to help support the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals in the current time.

This meditation is a compilation of 7 key steps, designed to help us connect internally and supports the slow down of our constantly circling train of thoughts and mind chatter. Through this calmness, we get the opportunity to connect with and experience the power within.

Why Practice?

- Experience a simple and powerful guided meditation
- It is a fundamental selfcare technique, perfect for your daily resilience routine
- Calms the mind, promotes clarity of thoughts, concentration and focus
- Increases positivity and supports mental and emotional wellbeing
- Increases awareness and strengthens intuition

Sessions guided by Amit A. Sidhpura, Global Strategy Leader, Talent Transformation, IBM Consulting

He is the Global Strategy Leader for IBM Talent Transformation Consulting, with a key focus on helping organisations embrace a “New Way of Work” and co-define the “Future of Work.” Outside of this, under the mentorship of Maitreya Dadashreeji, Amit established Project Transformation. A global initiative designed to share holistic wellbeing techniques with scientifically validated energy-based processes. With a vision to help individuals overcome their personal and emotional blockages, those holding them back from experiencing and leading a happy, peaceful and successful life.