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Learning to feel well in a modern-day world that is increasingly un-well, is no longer just a nice-to-have, but a key competence for anyone seeking improved quality of life and sustainable performance at work.
We will provide our community with monthly 2-hour workshops on Wellness, which we define here as “The art
of feeling well” through increased awareness and competence in the areas of mental health upkeep, stress
mitigation and resilience. These events will be facilitated by our Co-Working Host Helen de Haan, who works
as a certified professional Stress- and Burnout Prevention trainer & coach.

This month we begin with the basics:
Understanding stress and the most natural lifestyle choices you can make to keep stress levels at a healthy dose whilst minimizing the risk of burnout and other stress-related mental illnesses.

3 topics we will cover
1.- There’s a lot of talk about stress, but how much do we really understand about it?

Understand the real reason for stress and how it can be good for you.

How does the stress response work in the body?

2.- How do you recognize when stress is becoming a risk to your health that requires serious attention?

Do you know the difference between being temporarily «stressed out» and having toxic stress that could even lead to «burning out»? Knowing the difference can be just what you need to interfere at the right time.

3.-What does Mother Nature teach us about coping with stress?

Stress is a reality that is here to stay, but there are some proven coping strategies that can be game changers. Learn what our biology has to teach us about coping with daily stress and understand what you can do to apply the same principles to your life.

How it works

Time will fly by as we strike a balance between knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer exchanges, and practical
exercises. You will be able to integrate and practice the concepts immediately.

About your facilitator

Helen de Haan is from the Netherlands and came to Switzerland for a job as a legal counselor for FIFA, organizer of the FIFA World Cup. This was the beginning of a long-standing career in the professional sports industry which led her to work closely with various football properties including Manchester United F.C., the Premier League, as well as projects involving active and legendary football players. She also discovered the unique world of road cycling whilst partnering with competitions such as the Giro d’Italia and collaborating on projects with the professional cyclists and race staff of the former BMC Racing Team.

These experiences provided a close view into the myriad of pressures faced by sports professionals and athletes in elite competitive sport and led to valuable conversations on the topics of dealing with pressure and the role of mental health awareness for performance.

Today, Helen continues to specialize in these topics as an ICF- and EMCC Global certified trainer for Stress Management, Resilience and Burnout Prevention, and is a Mental Health First Aider with ENSA.

Happy to see you on site!