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Community Event | Social Sundays: The Meditation & Brunch Club


Drop by and experience a group meditation session and then socialise over brunch. The perfect Sunday combination of self-care and meeting / making new friends with likeminded individuals across Zurich. These sessions are open and recommended for everyone, no preparation or any prior experience is needed.

No Cost: The meditation sessions are completely free and our way of sharing what we love with others, so we can be empowered and grow together in life. You just have simply pay for the food / drinks you order and consume.


Adopt a self-care routine designed specifically for your Inner Development, Self-Empowerment and Growth, one that will help energise you for the week ahead.

Come along and experience a simple and profound 20-minute guided transformative meditation process, created by Maitreya Dadashreeji (Medical Doctor and Spiritual Transformation Pioneer) specifically for the current time.

The mediation will help you strengthen your bond with your heart, as you experience a shift from your conditioned self to your true natural self. It will give you the courage to break free from self-created old habits, that are limiting your freedom and your overall quality of life and well-being. Just sit back, relax and simply enjoy yourself.


Enjoy a range of fresh and warm food from our friends at Hummus Abu - Tscha'Tschi. The menu includes Hummus, Falafel, Tahini and much more.

Sessions guided by Amit A. Sidhpura and Dr. Kriti Nanda.

Amit A. Sidhpura, Global IBMer, Founder of City Monk and Project Transformation, Inner Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author.

I enjoy trying new cuisines, love making new friends and together sharing the importance of self-care and personal Inner Transformation. This was at the heart of creating Social Sundays: The Meditation & Brunch Club.

My background: Over the last 15+ years, I have been fortunate enough to purse my personal passion, which is all about helping individuals and organisations learn how to Transform and Grow. To help drive the importance of Personal Inner Transformation and Development, I founded City Monk and Project Transformation – two global movements, through which I share my personal experiences and expertise. All to help individuals connect, experience and use their true and natural Inner Superpowers for everyday life. Connect on LinkedIn

Dr. Kriti Nanda, Medical Doctor, Mental Health Coach, Researcher in Contemplative Sciences and Developer of Digital Tools for Mindfulness.

My background: Since a very young age, my passion has been to help spread the awareness and importance of holistic Mental Health and Well-being. A need that has never been as vital as it is now. I support individuals in overcoming their personal obstacles and energy drainers - with a focus on guiding them beyond their symptoms to helping address their root cause. The goal, very simple, to help individuals connect to themselves and really understand themselves, so they can be empowered to lead a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. Connect on LinkedIn

Happy to see you on Sunday!