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Community Event | Social Media & Branding


Social Media  in the Time of Corona Crisis

The Corona crisis has dramatically changed our social and professional lives. We are more online, working and meeting friends remotely and all physical interactions are limited by social distancing. Nobody is really sure of how to deal with this global pandemic and more importantly what comes after? Will my business survive? Will my network have its influence like before? These are questions that we are all asking ourselves. Therefore comes our FREE online Meetup to give hope and support in this troubled time.


18:00-18:15 - Arrival and introduction

18:15-19:00 - Key issues faced by small and medium sized businesses

19:00-19:30 - Social Media during the crisis

19:30-20:00 - How to succeed beyond the crisis

Please get the tickets for the event here. You then will receive the link for the online Meetup.

About the Meetup

Social media can be extremely useful for your business or personal branding, for lead generation and new customer acquisition. However, in the flood of information and the ever-changing algorithms, it maybe too overwhelming to decide which social media is the best for your brand and how to maximize not only your Likes but also the Conversions. Therefore, the idea of this Meetup is to demystify social media for businesses and personal brands. It will be led by Prat, Community Member & the creator of the popular lifestyle Instagram channel @zurich.influencers and supported by Tessiner Platz. Please join the event to get some expert feedback on your social media channels, to exchange ideas and experience with other like-minded individuals.