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Community Event | Self-Empowerment Workshop: Tune Back into Your Thoughts and Emotions guided by Amit A. Sidhpura


As Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs how well are you in tune with yourself? Our thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on our life and drive our behaviours, actions and therefore our growth. Join us for this interactive workshop as we dive deeper into the world of our thoughts andour emotions and uncover our deeply rooted habits and patterns.

Program Details:

18:45  Arrival

19:00  Self-Empowerment Workshop

20:15  Departure

Why Attend?

•Learn about your thoughts and emotions.

• Understand the impact your thoughts and emotions have on your actions and behaviour, as well as your overall quality of life and growth.

• Experience a guided breathing meditation process, designed to helpyou get back in tune with your thoughts and emotions.

Sessions guided by Amit A. Sidhpura, Global Strategy Leader, IBMTalent Transformation Consulting and Founder of City Monk and Project Transformation.

Amit is the Global Strategy Leader for IBM Talent Transformation Consulting, with a key focus on helping organisations embrace a “New Way of Work” and co-define the “Future of Work.” Outside of this, under the mentorship of Maitreya Dadashreeji (A Transformation Pioneer and Medical Doctor), Amit founded City Monk and Project Transformation. Two global initiatives, designed to help Leaders and Entrepreneurs connect and experience their inner superpowers. All with a simple goal, to help individuals maximise their growth, find their meaning and purpose, so they can lead a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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