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Community Event | Café Scientifique


Information, Beliefs, Values and Means- the four locks preventing change

Door opens at 18h30 - Last drinks round at 18h45 - the venue doesn't serve food

Invited Speaker - Prof. Claude A. Garcia

If climate change and the biodiversity collapse pose existential threats to our societies, how come we seem unable to change course? With examples from the global deforestations debate, we will see that statements, policies and actions seem to contradict each other. Can we understand this paralysis and will understanding it help design better policies and more efficient strategies? We will discuss the individual and collective basis for our decisions and propose ways to depolarize the public debate and become architects of change.

Prof. Claude A. Garcia, is 50 years old, french and spanish. He led for 10 years the Forest Management and Development group at ETH Zurich and is now Professor of International Forest Governance at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences, Berne. He has 30 years of expertise working across the tropics, crossing discplinary boundaries from ecology to sociology and cognitive sciences and making people play games so they see their problems from a different angle. He is also one of the founders of LEAF Inspiring Change and of the Planet C collective.

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