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Community Event | Café Scientifique | How can I extend my healthy longevity?



Door opens at 18h30 - Last drinks round at 18h45 - the venue doesn't serve food

Between now and 2050 the number of adults age 65+ will double worldwide, to represent 25% of the population in the US and Europe. Extending healthy rather than only total longevity is therefore a priority of modern society.
As suggested by the Geroscience theory, by acting on the biological aging at the root of multiple-age related diseases (i.e. dementia, diabetes, cancer, heart disease) and functional decline, we can stay healthier and functionally active longer. In other words, preventive efforts that address biological aging are based on a systemic perspective rather than a single disease.
The most powerful leverage to delay biological aging and extend healthy longevity are healthy lifestyle changes. In the science café, Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari will discuss which lifestyle changes may be most effective based on current evidence.

Prof. Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari, MD, DrPH is board certified in Geriatric Medicine, General Internal Medicine, and Rehabilitation. She also carries a Master and Doctor of Public Health degree from Harvard School of Public Health. In 2007, she built the Research Centre on Aging and Mobility at the University of Zurich, and since 2013 holds the Chair of Geriatric Medicine and Aging Research at the University of Zurich.
Since 2012, Prof. Bischoff-Ferrari coordinates the European DO-HEALTH Healthy Longevity Trial and Biobank within a network of European and US researchers. The goal of this collaborative research effort is to identify effective treatments and early risk profiles to slow biological aging and thereby reduce the risk of functional decline and chronic diseases, allowing more adults to stay active and healthy longer. Since 2022, Prof. Bischoff-Ferrari is also a Guest-Professor in the Geroscience INSPIRE program at the University Hospital in Toulouse France, and since 2023, coordinates the National HealthAge Translational Research Program on Prevention, Healthy Longevity and Geroscience in Toulouse, France.

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