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Collaboration event | Solving the sustainable travel puzzle


The travel & Tourism industry has developed very fast in the last decades, taking communities out of poverty, showcasing remote or less known cultures and even becoming an important part of GDP in several countries.

Moreover, travel became a desired lifestyle and created a whole new hobby category for people across the globe.

And what about the Social side? Despite many gains, tourism also creates losses, leading to "modern" slavery or disturbing the real estate market.

So if we add plastic pollution, garbage & waste management in tourism, local economy and communities, we face many environmental challenges.

There is no other industry so prominently two-faced as this one, where both too much or too little can create imbalances across the globe. So How can we apply environment and social filters to this otherwise enriching and mind-opening life experience: traveling?

The next Züri Walk & Talk edition invites you to solve the classical sustainability puzzle: how can we do what we like while doing what is right? This time with a focus on tourism and travel.

In other words: HOW can we preserve the environment while keeping the machine working?

We will go through the different dimensions of the topic with various speakers to collect and discuss more points of view.

You will meet

  • The sustainable travel entrepreneur – to speak about how entrepreneurial spirit can bring innovation and frugality
  • The Research & Academia – to introduce how research and data can help transition to more sustainable tourism
  • The Tourism Destination – to see how things are happening from the perspective of policy, strategy and community benefits - South Tyrol,
  • The Hotel or Location – to see how we can start the transformation from the very cell of tourism

Our guests will be confirmed soon!

Looking forward to meeting you,

The Züri Walk & Talk team

COVID certificate : please note that we will be following closely the measures prescribed by the Federal Council at the time of the event.

Social Media clause :

By attending the event, the visitor gives his express consent to his actual or simulated likeness to be included within any film, photograph, audio, and/or audio-visual recording to be exploited in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world without any compensation.

Refunds : If you are not able to participate in our event, you can ask for a 50% refund two weeks before the event. For specific questions, you can contact us here:

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