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Less stress, more success


An Interactive Keynote on Wellbeing at Work with stretches for the desk & chair massage.

Among all strategies for more success & less stress at work, there is one that stands out and does not require more brain power: Increasing your team’s wellbeing. This does not require more strategies, it starts directly on the physical level.

Studies* show the same: people are more stressed than ever at work. Employees report being under excessive pressure at least once a week and nearly half say they come home exhausted. To keep your teams healthy and going, it became necessary to provide them with adequate stress and tension relieving tools in large and small businesses alike.

*(Employee Outlook: Autumn 2016 CIPD Report)

In this event, we will help you to jump into the “Wellbeing at Work” topic. We will share our tips and tricks to keep stress at bay and productivity at high. You will have a chance to try them out and see for yourself how it works for you.

Included in your event:
- Practical Inputs, Research-data & hands-on Wellbeing experience
- Chair Massage Express Treatments
- Starter kit for Wellbeing at Work
- Networking

19:00 Door Opening
19:30 Interactive Keynote: “Wellbeing at Work: why, how & where to start in your company?”
Throughout the evening: “Pop-up Spa” experience - Seated Acupressure (Chair) Massages
20:00 Open Q&A
20:15 Networking

Corporate Wellbeing specialist & Founder of REAL EASE, Elodie Caucigh will explain why Wellbeing, Productivity and Stress all start in our bodies. Backed up with research and key data on Wellbeing, you will learn effective & accessible methods to use in your office and boost your and your team’s workday.

“Think Balance!” Office and Event Massages team will help you create a “pop-up spa” experience for your co-workers. Chair Massage has been known as a great stress-relieving tool, that does not require much time or effort. It can be easily adapted to the office environment, and you will get to see and feel exactly how it works throughout the event. Katerina Gehrig, Founder of “Think Balance!” will be there to answer any questions you might have.

The Event is for free but you will need to register yourself and get a ticket through Eventbrite. Follow the link!